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Originally Posted by usmc2537gunny View Post
Quick question for you. I live in Michigan yet own a residence in Baltimore. I called the state police regarding bringing my weapons home with me. I was told that 30 round mags are illegal in Md., even if they were bought outside of the state. Are you sure about mags bought out of state and where can I confirm the information? I have about (10) 30 round mags for my M4. Thanks
You can't buy, sell or transfer large cap mags in MD, Possession is totally legal.

I have the ones I buy shipped to a friend in VA. MSP should know better. I'll try to find the statute for you

Here is the statute

Quote: 30 Possession of Magazines-Exemptions.. The manufacture, sale, offer for sale, purchase, receipt, or transfer of a detachable magazine with a capacity of more than 20 rounds of ammunition is prohibited, with the following exceptions:A. The magazine is for a .22 caliber rifle with a tubular magazine;. B. The magazine is for an individual identified in Regulation .02C(2)a) (c) and (d) of this chapter;. C. The magazine has been rendered permanently inoperative;.
No mention of possession being illegal. Therefore legal

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