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40S&W 155gr XTP - Blue Dot or Long Shot?

Picked up some 155gr XTP's for my 40S&W and 10mm today. I intended to buy the 180gr and use Blue Dot (already have on hand for my 10mm), but Cabela was out of stock. So since I've wanted to try the 155gr any way I made the buy.

I have 2 powders on hand that I can use to load this bullet, Blue Dot & LongShot. Referencing the Hornady manual I noticed that the LongShot will really smoke this bullet (max load 1300fps), and the Blue Dot runs 1200fps @ max load.

That being said I've not had impressive results with lighter bullets and LongShot in the past in 45 Auto (accuracy wise). So I have a gut feeling that the Blue Dot will give better accuracy at the cost of losing some velocity. If that is true I'll use the Blue Dot. Any feedback is appreciated.


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