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Ran into this deal at Costco on freeze dried entrees. It's advertised as "Easy Meal, by the makers of Mountain House" (Oregon Freeze Dry which owns MH), so it's likely the same stuff. FWIW, one of the reviews says an e-mail inquiry confirmed it was the same product used by MH with different branding. It's 6 cans of Chili mac, 6 cans of Spaghetti w/Meat sauce, and 6 cans of Chicken a la king for $280 shipped.

I priced out the comparison at (with the exact same entrees except Mountain House), it's 47% cheaper at Costco. Even if you waited until beprepared ran their occasional 25% off MH deal, you're still saving almost 30% here. Here's the link

I already placed an order for the package and will open a can of each and post back if anything is amiss (my expectation is it should taste as good or better than MH). Anyone ever deal with "Easy Meal" and if so, what are your thoughts? Same or as good as MH?
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