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Originally Posted by fastbolt View Post
Instead of answering that broad equipment characteristic question, I'd consider you discover for yourself what the lightest .38 short-barreled revolver is that you can safely, accurately & effectively shoot ... with the defensive ammunition that you plan to use in the gun.

I've seen folks that had to go to heavier J's in order to be able to shoot them with any practical accuracy and effectiveness.
+1 Good points. I have a 342, 642 and a model 60, as well as a Ruger LCR. The lightest S&W J frames, in my case the 342, is a dream to carry, but I can only fire a very few rounds in practice before the pain gets to me. My 642 is a handgun that I can fire significantly more often and without discomfort. None the less, for pocket carry, those extra few ounces make a difference. As for the LCR, I like the handgun, but someone needs to design a grip that is the right size, for me at least. The standard grip is very comfortable, just too hard to conceal in my pocket holster. The "boot grip" is small enough, just way too small for me to comfortably grab hold of.
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