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Yep, that whole "finding the best compromise" can be difficult at times.

The steel J's handle well, are decently accurate and are pretty controllable for most folks (presuming DA revolver skills ).

The Airlites carry better, though, virtually disappearing in a pocket. I've seen wallets that weighed more.

The Airweights, however, and the only slightly lighter M&P 340/360's, seem to be a nice compromise.

Then, there's the easy-to-see XS front sight on the M&P's.

Getting a practical size grip stock can work against the size advantage of the little wheelguns, too. Just depends.

I'd rather shoot Magnum loads from my Ruger SP101DAO than my pair of M&P 340's, though ... at least when it comes to range sessions. My older 649 Bodyguard shoots even better than my Airweights, but it doesn't rest as lightly in a pocket holster.

I finally handled and shot a new Bodyguard 38 snub. I was surprised it's an ounce heavier than the M&P 340, but then I suppose the laser adds its weight. The trigger was decent enough.

I didn't care for the thinness of the "backstrap" under the recoil, though, even though it's cushioned. Just didn't seem as comfortable as shooting my Airweights & M&P's with their exposed backstraps. Funny. It seemed to do okay in the hands of a couple of us, using an assortment of standard and +P loads.

I wonder how well it would stand up to the same amount of shooting I do with my other J's, long term? Not interested in finding out (even though it can be bought at a bargain price).

Of course, it took me some years to accustom myself to buying my first aluminum-framed revolver, and then a plastic-framed pistol.
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