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Say "Hi" in public, don't scream "I didn't do it."

Slow down and try to move over a lane if you see us on a traffic stop on the side of the road. Any minute can turn into a wrestling match, so we don't want to get squished.

Traffic stops can be anyone from a soccer mom speeding to an armed robbery suspect - so please don't come up and ask for directions while we are on a stop.

Know your directions, North/East/South/West. If you see something suspicious, get a license plate, good clothing and physical description, and last known direction and address. Call early...quicker we get it dispatched the quicker we can respond.

Get involved with your local PD with a citizen's police academy. You really get a chance to know a lot of the guys personally and do some ride-alongs. You will be surprised the stuff that is going on in your town you didn't even know/think about. It's going to make you more aware of your crime trends and what to be on the look out for even for your self protection.
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