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Blueiron, your answer is the type of stuff I had in mind. So, whom should I ask to find out who are the good candidates from a street cop's perspective? How can I find out what pending legislation might be important to you guys on the front lines? For what it's worth, I know that brass and you guys on the street may not see things exactly the same way. How do I get your perspective?I'm tired of seeing officers scorched by the media for defending themselves against an attack by some street goblin with a gun or knife.
There are a couple of ways to go about it. One way is to attend a citizens' police academy if a nearby agency has one. You'll learn some of what goes on and who is who inside of the PD. Network with the officers and learn what problems are in the community.

Perhaps your agency has volunteer positions, if you have the time. There are plenty of things that you can do to help and find out what needs to be done on the political level.

Another option is the contact the local police union/guild/association and offer to help in fund raisers for injured officers or those killed on duty. Networking here will show you all the behind the scene problems like not enough money for body armor, a needed canine officer, or similar issues. CLEAT can probably help you out in this regard and if you help at this level, you can learn a lot about Texas state LE issues. I did some volunteer work for my community's PD union when it was time to get rid of their moron of a police chief and it worked well.

Good luck with this endeavor and I wish more people were like you. If you want to run something past me, PM me.
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