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Boy this has been an interesting read even tho it's looong. Feb 2012 my G30SF only 1 mo old, "kaboomed" with split frame, blown mag (hit and killed my rt shoe sole" destroyed trigger etc. No damage to upper...slide, barrel, extractor or other. Using Lawman factory ammo blown case at 6 o'clock. Slight damage to my rt hand scratches on my face and arms..Yeah boy that was fun...All the forensic examination says bad load, Glock replaced gun with only $47.00 charge...Happy w/ Glock pissed at "Lawman/Speer" said it could not have been their problem as no other reported failures...Don't believe in lawsuits but a good ol fashion butt kicking might be needed foe those who don't make mistakes..Gun back ran 300 rds last Monday..alls good
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