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Originally Posted by articulate View Post
Stop watching your local news channels, and cancel your newspaper subscription.

It won't just help US... it will help you, society, and America's collective IQ.

Do it for America.
I'm way ahead of you there. I believe about 5% of what I see and hear on the local news. For national news, the belief quotient is < 1%.

My gripe is how, everytime a local officer has to shoot some misguided child who was shooting at the cop, the local news immediately puts the family on, and the litany starts:

"They murdered my baby. He was a good boy who taught Sunday School in the Prison Chapel every single time he was in the joint. And, this time, he had actually been on parole a whole month before he tried to do a robbery. He was just turning his life around. Boo Hoo!"

And, even if the Grand Jury no-bills the cop, the media try to ruin his career. It makes me sick, and I'm not an officer. I cannot imagine how a police officer feels about that sort of stuff.

I guess that my main thing is how to let you guys know that a few of us civilians know at least part of how it really is and to let you know that some of us really appreciate what you go through to try to keep the peace in our society.

Even if I weren't an old geezer, I could not do what you guys do, and I know it.

Thanks to every one of you for putting up with what you have to go through.
Governments are about the acquisition, extention, and exercise of power by an elite, who will then use that power to rule a peasantry for fun and profit.

Sauron lives, and his orc minions are on the march.
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