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What I am about to say will not be viewed by some as a popular opinion.

Not all prisoners will be staying behind the secure perimeter the rest of their lives. They get out. Nine times out of ten we're going to have someone at least be tempted to go back into crime. Out of those tempted it seems about half of them do it. Help those who want help to become law abiding citizens. Sometimes a few of them getting out are not only salvageable, but contribute to their societies; pay taxes, and what have you.

So, how does this help cops? It helps by giving cops a little bit of a breather, perhaps. If a former bad guy is actually turning his life around for the better it helps in that this guy becomes a tax paying citizen who in turn helps to pay for government labor, to include law enforcement.

Basically, although rehabilitation; reformation of the human is not the most popular subject it is something that we in society have to deal with, or pay someone to deal with.
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