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I remember thirty-five years ago I was one of those few youngsters joining an ancient and honorable society of men my father's and grand-father's age. I wanted to be like them,respected Gentleman. I got my prayer answered.I did what at the time was required to advance thru the degrees and right afterward advance thru the chairs. We didn't have "Man to Mason Day" back then. We worked hard to remember the work. I attended the first of those one day classes here in PA. These Brothers got screwed! I have taught a few of them the portions they really needed to commit to. There have been a few one day classes in Scottish rite and Shrine here as well and a few higher ranked Officers in those bodies would not let our closest friends/Brothers sign up and suggested waiting for a traditional class. I must agree with them. Many one day joiners haven't been back to Lodge since and this is a shame.YMMV.tom.


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