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Originally Posted by gary newport View Post
I don't know what to tell you, other than you may have gotten a defective piece of brass.

I have had .45 ACP brass not go into a .45 ACP case gauge, but the brass was mixed and some had most certainly been fired in 1911s I used to shoot 1911s.). Some of the brass was much used, so excessive expansion is certainly a possibility. Just about all of those cases failing the check chambered and fired just fine in a G21. Still, none were visibly bulged.

As an aside, I've never had a problem with .45 GAP brass fired in one of my Glocks--or the once-fired GAP brass a GT member helped me score. All fit easily after resizing.
What I got, defective, was a Glock 21 with a Glock barrel in it. I shoot reloaded 45 ACP, in a 1911 until the case mouth splits.

The fact that your 45 brass would not go, in the 45 case gauge and then ran perfectly, in your Glock pistol should prove that your Glock chamber is too large,.

Never mind about your case gauge, my 45 brass wouldn't go in a resizing die. What took so long to get here? I thought this was dead, last year.
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