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Originally Posted by Goat 36 View Post
Yep. Sorry, meant to comment on that.

I just pulled out the factory 10mm barrel, replaced with LWD conversion barrel, loaded .40 cal rounds into the 10mm mags and started shootin. Pretty cool, really.

I believe you can do the same with .357 Sig ammo in factory 10mm mags with no issues. Just need the .357 conversion barrel.

Certainly one of the great things about the 29.

I actually bought mine to shoot .40, .45 AND 10mm.

I have a 36 that I can switch entire upper assembly (slide, barrel, spring, etc.) with the 29 upper and shoot .45acp. Need to buy G30 mags for that, though.
Yep I'm thinking the same thing. I wish I had though about this a little more before I bought the 29 though as if I had I would have bought a 30 instead. The 29 won't run the .45 as you know without changing the slide. The 30 however will run them all with just the mag and barrel change!
I might grab a .357 Sig Barrel also as that looks like one MEAN little round. Kinda like the CZ52 I had with the smoking speed and the small round. Although the .357 Sig is no where near as fast as the 7.62x25 is.
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