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Yep I'm thinking the same thing. I wish I had though about this a little more before I bought the 29 though as if I had I would have bought a 30 instead. The 29 won't run the .45 as you know without changing the slide. The 30 however will run them all with just the mag and barrel change!
Yeah, that's correct. I wavered back n forth myself between 30 and 29 and, though I'm really happy with the 29 and its ease of transition to .40, I do have to admit I'm very slightly disappointed I don't have the ability to shoot .45 out of that big, heavy G30 slide. I believe the heavy slide, 'along with' the wide grip that fits into the web of your hand, is what makes it one of the easiest to shoot very well, softest recoiling .45's ever made.

Might very well pick one up to add to the collection some day. For now, though, I'm fully occupied experimenting with these crazy powerful and very accurate 10mm's.

Good luck with your 29 and, if you just can't make that heart connection with it, don't be afraid to trade it in on a G19 which is comparable in size to a BHP with all the wonderous pluses of a Glock (Ridiculous reliability, almost zero maint needed, resistant to almost every substance known to man, etc.). Absolutely can't go wrong with that gun and it'd give you time with the Glock platform/trigger. Maybe, down the road a bit, you'll come back to that 29 with a new found respect and appreciation.
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