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I placed an order through them a few
Months ago for 1000 rds 9mm and 500 rds .40s&w. I received 2 different tracking numbers for this 1 order and never received any updated shipping info. About 3-4 weeks later I got my 9mm ammo in the mail. Then, Each time I called someone would tell me that the order had left the night before or that morning or that it was on the truck to leave that night. then I would call back a couple days later and they would say that UpS had it in route and didn't scan it.. Then they said that they were out of the ammo and that it was on back order. Then they would say that it had left the night before etc etc. So finally after about 3 more weeks 20 more phone calls an 10 more emails I got a refund for my .40 ammo. I wasn't angry about not getting my ammo, or about them being out of it, or even about them losing the order. I was mad bc I was lied to an clearly given the run around many times and no one would call me back and I think I got 1 email reply telling me that it was in route with UPS and thy I would receive it in 3 days.... 2 weeks later I got a refund. I won't ever use them again

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