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My Grand Lodge has done away with one day classes for Masonry (for now). Hopefully it stays that way. There is a required one month period between degrees in the blue lodge.

I'm 26 years old, Junior Deacon of my lodge, 32nd degree, and Chapter/Council (went through it yesterday).

We have a lot of young men coming into our lodge, and we seem to be initiating more and more people. The internet is key to the survival of Freemasonry, and I think the Scottish Rite webcasts are great.

While I only have time for blue lodge,I still pay dues and do home research for the Scottish Rite. The Master Craftsman program is excellent and allows the 32nd degree Mason to learn the ritual on his own time. The meetings at my Valley are open nowadays anyway, they don't really practice the esoteric stuff. If you want the true value of the Scottish Rite, it can be found in reading Morals and Dogma, the Scottish Rite Ritual and Monitor Guide, and doing your own research to compare with what you're learning.

It is completely worth it my Brothers. Even if you aren't Scottish Rite yet you can still purchase the program. Technically anyone can purchase the program because the esoteric stuff is not in the Ritual and Monitor guide.

I don't think we need to save Freemasonry. So long as men exist on this planet who respect their Creator, and endeavor to endlessly labor in the pursuit of the betterment of themselves and others, then Masonry will never die.
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