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Originally Posted by wjv View Post

Two bags of betadine wipes
Two wound management kits
Two QuikClot Blood Clotting Sponge (50 gram)
One Black Diamond Orbit LED Lantern (10-45 lumen)
One Sawyer "1 million gallon" gravity water filter

Used my 20% off members coupon @ REI so the water filter was only $80.

Nice week!

Started my week this afternoon by giving basic semi-auto defensive pistol & knife training to my niece..a RN.

Was very pleased with her weapons handling, presentation & marksmanship with the G19!

Presented her with a Benchmade/HK Vex for EDC!

Considering replacing/supplementing the G19s with a couple of CZ P07 Duty (threaded version) as primary suppressed platform

NEW! P-07 w/ threaded barrel – Suppressor ready! Available April 2012

This version of the P-07 Duty has been set up to accept a sound suppressor. The 1/2x28 threaded muzzle accepts most suppressors made for the US market. The sights on this variation are higher than normal. They will clear 1” diameter suppressors and provide a good sight picture with larger diameters when shooting with both eyes open.
cal: 9mm Luger, finish: Black polycoat

Got a chance to T&E + run a belt thru a new Shrike on Friday..

..lots of fun & very nice for the price!

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