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Where exactly in SFLA is this range to be located at? We do need more ranges, most ranges have piss poor parking, no space to do anything, and certain nights/day their's a backlog of shooters.

Markham is okay minus the RSO that are pissed poor in communications skills.

American Indoor usesd to be good, but has a quite well attentive staff

AZ indoor is small, but fair , but it has a nice gun/knives shop

Big Al, forgetabout it. Horrible by all counts

Weston Guns, over priced in all areas

Armory, a hidden range with great access off I95 , plenty of interesting finds but way overpriced for used guns

Revere same like AmericanIndoor, a smaller range not a lot of activity buy just okay

So nexus we really need you. We need adequate parking, we staff that knows guns and know shooters and are shooters. We need fair prices and we adequate space if we have to wait.
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