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Originally Posted by Aceman View Post
Well, a few things to consider:

#1 Capitalism will self destruct. There are NO well balanced economic systems. These things emerged/developed. They were not designed/made. The reality of the universe is this. Poverty breeds poverty, and excess breeds excess. The rich WILL continue to accumulate wealth, and more and more will have less and less. Nature of the beast. It's not republican/democrat - it's human, it's greed.

#2 The level of lifestyle that the large middle class in this country enjoys is fundamentally unsustainable. We did that to ourselves. You can see the growth of imaginary economic prosperity throughout the 60's, right through the 70's, up to today. That will collapse and be eaten away. You'll go either up to the rich end, or down to the poor end. How rich are you REALLY? What skill and value do you have REALLY. every person over-estimates themselves to amazing degree's IMO.

#3 EVERY society has eventually came to a point where poor masses have ravaged a rich minority (a couple of exceptions - but very different cultures. And they are on their way there.

I always find it funny though - as a "middle class struggling person" you are probably wealthier than 90% of the worlds population. The poor in this country have no idea how poor they are not.

I think it's sad that we have some of the problems we do. There is no reason that a large number of basic health services aren't provided gratis just for being a tax paying citizen. Incredibly brilliant children who want to do good things for society and mankind can't afford an education, while rich dooshes go to harvard with one intention: Getting richer. And they already grew up with way more than any 10 people could want. I think that it is unbelievably tragic that children go without food and clothes in this country. But they do. There are a lot of ways to solve those issues. And you can do it without becoming a "welfare" state, or encouraging people to do nothing.

But the people that make those decisions are wealthy, and their number one goal is to stay that way, and they are paid to make laws that keep money for even wealthier people. You think a CEO of a mega corporation works any harder than anyone else? Nope. But he's going to make sure he keeps ALL of his money - and get as much of yours as possible.

We made wealth and material things the most important thing on the planet - now sit back and enjoy. we have lost touch with the difference between success and excess - and it's going to bite us.

And I don't know you EMT - but like I said; You are worried about the poor masses coming for you? You need to worry about the wealthy and powerful who exist to make YOU part of the poor masses.
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