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What is this rifle?

I'm guessing it's old milsurp, but the bayonet lug, and bayonet. Anyway, I have no idea what this rifle is. My buddy asked if I could find a firing pin for it, he's missing more than than from the bolt. I also have no clue what it's chambered for, asside from a necked cartrige. There's very little stampings on this rifle, just the origional 4 didgit serial number.

Grabed a few pics, hoping the GT braintrust can help me figure it out.

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What looks like a cleaning rod, is actually just about 4-6" long, and threaded on the end. No idea what it's for. The butt plate is just another piece of wood, I thought that was also weird. The whole rifle was odd, and I couldn't figure out what it was. Buddy says it may be an argentine mauser, but I saw nothing that would indicate that.

The block on the side of the action in pic 4 is the release for the bolt. Another thing I saw, odd. The bolt also sticks back to the rear when the magazine plate comes all the way up. There's a floorplate in front of the trigger group that releases with a small latch in front of the trigger.
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