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Originally Posted by dkf View Post
So then why exactly would anyone want your barrel? My factory barrel shoots FMJ already with negligable difference in accuracy compared to your "match grade" barrel.

Your missing the point as to why most of your customer base even buys your barrels, to shoot lead. Most people are under the false impression you can't shoot lead out of a polygonal barrel. With some rounds you can shorten the COAL but on others you get into the ogive of the bullet which screws neck tension.


If you didn't want to shoot lead, a guy would stick with the Glock factory barrel and go on his way.

Also not all reloaders are able to duplicate the factory specs of the factory ammo. Simple. There are ways to do so and can require more equipment to augment their current set up and some guys may not want to buy those pieces or may not be aware of them.

Another solution: REALLY SIMPLE accommodate the needs of your customer base by not producing a short tight chamber. I know that many will say that the accuracy will go away but for the average guy I would deem it negligible and know that many would disagree with me. I'm guessing that the reason that LWD started charging for correcting their chambers was due to the volume of product coming back at them.

Why not produce a product that will have the type of grooves that the lead shooters want in a chamber that meets most of their reloading expertise as long as it doesn't exceed max SAMMI??? Again Simple but maybe the plant in Taiwan is not capable of this change??? I dunno.

I'll never buy another LWD product.
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