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Originally Posted by JR View Post
First of all this thread is NOT a PSA. If it was, freakshow would identify his business relationship with LWD by name, thereby establishing accuracy & creditability. I sincerely believe this thread is a direct attack from some disgruntled consumer. The truth of the matter, 99% of barrel issues are self induced.

FYI: Bullet profile and OAL will directly affect the performance of any barrel. LWD barrels are not conducive to use with SWC bullets. Auto pistols will always feed best when using a FMJ or similar profile.

LWD barrels feature chambers that are short (taper) throated. This feature is proven to provide better accuracy. Yes, this feature may create an issue with your pet reload HOWEVER it is YOUR LOAD that is causing the issue. LWD GUARANTEES our barrels to function flawless when using FACTORY ammunition. Try employing a little rocket science before responding to this statement. Think about it.... the barrel accepts factory loads (ie: Remington, Winchester, Federal) but not your load or your local re-manufactures load. This is telling you the issue is with your load. I don't care if your load fits all your other guns and your brothers guns, the issue is with your load.
LWD will rechamber your barrel to fit your loads for $30. If this charge offends you, please tell me where on earth you can get a gunsmith to ream a chamber for cheaper? Yes, LWD formerly rechambered barrels for free however we soon realized the vast majority of rechamber requests were coming from loaders who were to lazy to change their load to fit the match grade chamber. Most barrel (chamber) issues are resolved by simply adjusting the load.
I could see JR being a little peeved aT Freak, but I don't understand his contempt for the people that buy his products. I guess he doesn't have a problem with me because I haven't sent him any of my money and I never will.

Anybody that takes a barrel out of a gun that is made by a multi-million dollar, multi-national company with all the R&D etc that goes with that and switches it out for one made by a guy like this deserves any grief they get.
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