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JR, you should really consider the process you guys use on the barrels. Perhaps a "non-match" chamber for those that want one a little looser. Perhaps not as loose as factory but not as tight as KKM/LW/SL tends to run. Our pistols really don't benefit much from such a short throat and tight chamber. My understanding of CS is that if 1% complain 10X more actually had the problem and didn't complain. That would explain some of the venom you see in threads like this. I think the problem is more then what you might think. I personally owned a barrel that worked fine for me but the friend I sold it to just could not get it to work. He never contacted you, just had a local guy ream it. I know it wasn't your fault but at the same time he surely saw ZERO benefit from that "match chamber". Just the opposite. Only difference between his and mine was a Lee die for sizing.

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