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I could be all wrong but it just seems to me that if

you're getting a lot of customer complaints (not necessarily in a video format, although, check out Utube for some blasts against LWD) then a prudent business man would look to see what is the basis for the problems.

If it's quality control, change the quality. If it's under performing in the minds of the customers, disclose the limitations of your product before hand rather than debate the "rightness" of your position after the sale has been made. If you are getting a lot of complaints about your customer service department, monitor it and staff it with different people/personalities.

The other alternative is to blame the very people that you rely on for their business, maybe even repeat business, and word of mouth referrals and tell your customers that they are incompetent.

Seems like this is the one the LWD has chosen as their mission statement. Just my own opinion, but I like it.
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