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Staying aside from the debate. I'd like to just say that in the past I have owned 3 LWD barrels in 2 different calibers (one a 40-9) and had relatively zero problems. I took a chance going with the current one knowing the issues some had had with short throating buying one for my G34. The reason is I wanted to stay with my proven 9mm 135g RN Bear Creek moly load at 1.150 OAL for standardization. Every single 9mm gun I have owned (8 total) and countless others owned by friends that I have passed my load to has been able to digest this load flawlessly.
I won't lie that I had hesitation to getting a LWD and was actively looking for a KKM for the possible issues. However in the end decided that because of my loads record in other barrels, and my previous experience with your products. I would save the money as go with the LWD.
Well I gave my experience in my first post of this thread. No go at 1.150, OK at 1.130 OAL.
Was I happy? Not really, it defeated my intent on going with the aftermarket in the first place. "Having a single load that worked in all my 9mm firearms". No matter, I prepared several dummies to ship out to you folks to along with my barrel, confident that LWD would fix it up and happy days would be in the horizon and all I would be out was a little extra time and shipping cost. I check your website for the shipping address and find out you all are charging $30 to ream it out!
Now realize my view... that cost isn't advertised at check out when purchasing and that cost plus shipping would have gotten me to the cost of a KKM, actually less and given me a barrel that I believe would had got me to my objective in the first place. My belief based of trying my load in 4 barrels all KKMs own by various friends at my club and my own KKM G19.
Am I sorely disappointed? Well yes... will it affect my decision in the future to recommend a LWD barrel to anyone in the future? Maybe... I can't say enough good things of the 40-9 G27 barrel I once owned and shot over 18K rounds through, all FMJ. It was flawless...
This experience with my G34 though is less to be desired. I'm still on hopes of being able to load my same previous OAL for 9mm. The thought of the cost though makes me wonder if it's worth the trouble in the first place and just ditching the LWD at a slight loss and just getting the KKM.

My 2 cents...


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