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Freakshow10mm makes some very good points.

We don't know where the LWD barrels are being made or if it has been disclosed not a lot of people know. Within any of those manufacturing plants there are variance tolerances that these goods are built within. From my experience with clients doing business overseas, there is a constant battle with the shops to meet those specs and to find the defective ones within the shipments. One client told me that anything near the middle or bottom of the package usually had some QC issues. So limits are imposed on these "manufacturers" and if the sampled number of product contains dimensions outside of the specs in the contract the whole shipment is refused. If LWD specs minimum SAAMI specs in their contract for their "Match grade" barrels is it not possible that some of the units will come in at less than minumum SAAMI? The obvious answer is yes.

Possible solution:

Where 1/1000 mean a big deal for the reloaders, would it be possible to inspect the barrels once they hit LWD and before packaging?

Is it possible to market two different applications for these barrels? One would be the "match grade" barrel with the minimum specs and anther one with a fancy name like "combat grade" or whatever that is made to maximum SAAMI specs. Since there is a range within SAAMI specs this approach would seem to be like making lemonade from the lemons. Many companies have made innovations to their products based on customer input and have been able to expand markets and have repeat sales to the same customers.


LWD can contain to assert that the percentage (doubt that it is the 1% claimed) that has a failure with LWD barrels are incompetent in the pursuit of the hobby/job and continue to fight what the potential customers are looking for.

To me its an easy choice, but that's just my opinion.
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