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Originally Posted by Markasaurus View Post

Gunkote is very tough and chip resistant, and pretty good at solvent resistance. Even lacquer thinner or brake cleaner does not have a lot of effect on it (i mean for momentary applications like during cleaning, anything of longer duration such as soaking, and all bets are off.) However i used "flat black" gunkote and it came out more like a satin. I wanted flat black , not satin, so i contacted Brownells who were nice enough to send me a new can. Same results.
You probably didn't shake it up enough. If you dont shake the living heck out of it, that is what will happen. You will get a satin not flat look. You seriously have to shake it up a long time to make sure everything mixes well.

If you have problems still call Joe at KG and he will be more then helpful.

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