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Mind if I try to make heads or tails out of what you fellows have been saying?

Caveat – keepin mind I am not a barrel or materials expert by any stretch of the imagination.

I have a G21 and I would like to start shooting lead rounds through this gun (maybe 200–400 per month). At the advice of a few,I was told to get an aftermarket barrel such as Lone Wolf before I start shooting lead through my Glock.

Now I read this post start to finish and it seems most (not all) of you have had some sort of problem with LWB, be it a design shortcoming or a type of bullet choice. It would appear that I should steer away from LW and perhaps pick up on another such as KKM or Storm Lake. I have noticed that LW barrels are quite abit cheaper that these other two;

Lone Wolf- $109.95
Storm Lake- $160.00
KKMPrecision - $165.00

Even so, for my purposes, if it will not work properly in my Glock… than what’s the point! If I am wrong in my assessment here please let me know but I think I am going to avoid the trouble and purchase something other than a Lone Wolf barrel.

Thanks everyone

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