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Originally Posted by Kentguy View Post
I have a G21 and I would like to start shooting lead rounds through this gun (maybe 200400 per month). At the advice of a few,I was told to get an aftermarket barrel such as Lone Wolf before I start shooting lead through my Glock.
I also have the G21SF and all it has ever seen is 230 gr FMJ reloads. I don't believe it has seen even a single factory round. Shoots good!

I'd like to make a suggestion: why not try some lead bullets through the factory barrel? Before you spend a lot of money on a barrel that won't improve reliability, maybe shoot 50 or 100 rounds of LRN and then clean the barrel and look for lead. The easy way to do this is with the Lewis Lead Remover:

I have used this device for many years on my 1911s. Yes, even 1911s will get a small amount of lead fouling over time.

I am going to check my Glock the next time I am at a pistol range with both LRN and LSWC. I just cycled some LSWC through the gun and it feeds perfectly. There is not so much as a stumble as the round runs up the feed ramp. In fact, I believe the rounds feed better in the Glock than they do in my Colts and the Colts have never failed to chamber a round.

When you use the lead remover, you will see flakes of lead caught up in the screen. From this, you can get an idea of just how much leading is really going on. My bet is that loads of moderate velocity (say 810 fps or so) are not going to lead the barrel very much.

But I could be way wrong! It is still worth an experiment. I would go slow; perhaps 50 rounds before the first cleaning.

You might consider posting a photo of your results. Some of the more experienced reloaders could give you guidance.

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