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Originally Posted by Bluescot View Post
Lone Wolf does offer a life time warranty on their barrels and then they go on to state that the use of reloaded ammunition will void that warranty.

That is like Ford or Toyota selling you a 4wheel drive pick up and saying that you have a warranty for 3 or 4 or 5 years, whatever the manufacturer states, but the use of the vehicle in off road settings will void the warranty. After all if you drive in on spec roads it will perform according to all known safety standards.
Well, just to be fair...

If you've been into reloading and reloading circles for very long then you would certainly know or at least be aware of the high number of bone-headed mistakes made by them. Some of the these are new loaders failing to "do the homework" before jumping in with both feet, some are simple errors during the process and some are just plain stupid. Although reloaders constitute a relatively small ratio of ammunition consumed overall the KB "accident" rate is far and beyond that caused by factory ammunition. In Lone Wolf's defense, if a load from Remington, Winchester, Federal or other OEM load destroys a gun the shooter will, with rare exception, look to the ammunition manufacturer for compensation. In the case of reloaded ammunition, who is the shooter to look to? Should the barrel manufacturer, be it Glock, Lone Wolf or any other be reasonably expected to replace a barrel destroyed by reloaded ammunition? Frankly, I don't know any barrel maker that warranties against reloaded ammunition...Glock included.

As a caveat for those who don't know me yes, I reload and have longer than most here have been alive. No, I don't know JR personally and I do not own any of the LW barrels. I have however, purchased many other LW items many times and have always been satisfied with both the products and the service received. On the barrel specific thing, I have only one aftermarket Glock barrel, a G-34 comped version made by KKM. I'm aware of the very tight chamber dimensions of the LW barrel and I just accept that it is what it is. I've seen posts and comments on this forum as well as others so I've no doubt that the choice was made to ream the chambers on the minimum side of the SAAMI specs. That is certainly LW's right to do so just as it's the buyer's choice to choose which barrel to buy.

It's just a guess, nothing more, that when LW decided to offer their own barrels a conscious decision was made to offer a barrel that separated them from all the other versions available. After all, why add an identical product to a market where a number of others were already established. Now to be honest, I would have seen no harm or detriment to accuracy by cutting a few extra thousandths into the chamber and sparing the grief for both customers and themselves but as I said, it is what it is and there's no shortage of after-market barrels. The $30.00 fee to cut a custom chamber seems reasonable to me but since the back and forth shipping is a bit of hassle, were I interested in a LW barrel I'd just send them a few loaded rounds to verify the fit and handle it person-to-person from there.

If I were to offer a gentle suggestion to the good folks at LW it would be to openly stress the snug chamber dimensions (even more) on their website and to offer a case gauge for sale cut with the same reamers. Case guages are relatively inexpensive and there's probably a decent number of reloaders who know they're buying a "tight" barrel and would buy a case gauge just to check their loaded rounds before plunking down the case for a barrel. At worst, they'd have a good, snug case gauge which incidentally, is a good thing anyway.
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