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Originally Posted by sellersm View Post
So it seems this whole discussion hinges on the definition of "factory". And as freakshow has stated, according to the FFL definition his factory is the same as Rem or Win or anybody else.

So I'd like to hear JR's definition of "factory" since that phrase keeps coming up as his one (and only) 'defense'...

And for the record, a SAMMI spec is a SAAMI spec. Shouldn't matter who makes the item that meets those specs. LW might want to take a look at other industries that deal with 'specs' and see how they work their biz models...
Exacfly, I am not going to look it up on my smart phone, but I am pretty sure SAMMI 9mm issue .355. I don't think it allows for. 356. All lead bullets and all ammo made with lead bullets would be out of spec by that standard. JR just doesn't get what reloaders need and want.

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