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Originally Posted by sellersm View Post
So it seems this whole discussion hinges on the definition of "factory". And as freakshow has stated, according to the FFL definition his factory is the same as Rem or Win or anybody else.
The term "factory" is thrown around so much in this industry it means nothing. Some purport it to represent household brand names such as Remington, Winchester, Federal, Hornady, etc but others such as Double Tap, Cor Bon, Underwood, Buffalo Bore, Superior, Set Point, or my company are not factory despite the fact all aforementioned companies are properly licensed to manufacture ammunition (and in some cases, firearms as well). When someone says "factory ammunition" I take that to mean ammunition produced by a licensed manufacturer that has a 06, 07, or 10 FFL (ammunition manufacturer, firearm manufacturer which can also make ammunition, or destructive device manufacturer, which can also make firearms and ammunition). I do everything they do, just at a smaller scale because I serve my local market.

Originally Posted by dkf View Post
Just for an example. The SAAMI specified OAL for 9mm Luger is Minimum 1.000" and the Maximum is 1.169". That is a total range of .169" which is a LOT. Any OAL within that range is technically within spec.
True on all accounts.
Originally Posted by D. Manley View Post
In Lone Wolf's defense, if a load from Remington, Winchester, Federal or other OEM load destroys a gun the shooter will, with rare exception, look to the ammunition manufacturer for compensation. In the case of reloaded ammunition, who is the shooter to look to? Should the barrel manufacturer, be it Glock, Lone Wolf or any other be reasonably expected to replace a barrel destroyed by reloaded ammunition?
Just because someone is a handloader doesn't change the blame for a KB.

Frankly, I don't know any barrel maker that warranties against reloaded ammunition...Glock included.
Thompson Center does.

The $30.00 fee to cut a custom chamber seems reasonable to me but since the back and forth shipping is a bit of hassle, were I interested in a LW barrel I'd just send them a few loaded rounds to verify the fit and handle it person-to-person from there.
And that's the decision consumers have to make. Buy a cheaper barrel that might give me problems, cause me to be inconvenienced, and shell out more money to get it right or spend a little more money on a different company that will work without further hassle. Sometimes cheapest isn't the best choice. There's a reason some things cost more money than others.
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