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Thompson Center's warranty is unique in the industry, most notably in their line of black powder rifles.

Warrantying against damage from reloads is actually a small part of their warranty/customer service since they warranty against literally everything except loss or theft, including obvious owner mishaps such as running over your gun with your truck and crushing your stock, shooting out a barrel or simply screwing up a barrel with a cleaning rod.

Over the last couple decades I've shot out 3 barrels to the point of severe accuracy degradation and they've replaced all three with no questions asked.

They also offer, (or at least used to) competition grade barrels, quick load barrels for hunting, etc. Pretty much demonstrates that barrels, (and other parts) are designed and bought for specific purposes and intended to be used for those purposes.

If you bought a Smith model 52 and discovered that no matter how hard you tried to couldn't develop a 158 grain SWC load that would feed would you say the barrel was defective? If you bought a Colt Gold Cup would you claim the barrel was defective because the chamber was much tighter than you were used to or that the throat on your new CZ is so short that you can't use the same loads you use in your Glock or other guns? No, of course not, that's why the barrels are designed the way they are, to meet a certain purpose.

If you want a barrel to shoot lead out of your Glock, (assuming that it's necessary), you have choices among several different barrel manufacturers at different price points. If you want a barrel that's magically going to change the design geometry of a gun to feed a bullet profile it wasn't intended to feed, well, that's probably not going to happen.

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