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in all fairness; that Hickcock video really doesn't prove anything, as far what supposedly is the reason for this post. In that video; Hickcock clearly was trying to point out how great his G21 was in "stock form". The ammo he fed the LWD barrel was basically some "lowe-grade" loads, that he admitted to the fact that he "didn't sort his brass" and that basically he knew that they were pretty crumby; even though he had seated the bullet deeper to circumvent any chambering issues.

What he didn't mention was anything about power factor or anything about how many rounds he had through the barrel to designate where it was at in the whole seating process. Then when he has a string of shots that fail to return to full battery; he switches out to a stock, OEM barrel and then FACTORY, WWB loads...that (surprise) run flawlessly! LOL. He does mention that (referring to LWD barrels) "they usually run just fine"...and that he guesses that he "has to do some more experimenting". Also in his closing statement he mentions how a stock, OEM Glock...using "factory loads" functions flawlessly; wrapping up the whole point of his post.

And also; these types of threads do not ever seem to accomplish what is "supposedly" the objective behind them. They only lead to a mob mentality; whipped to a frenzy by someone with an ulterior motive. JR has been quiet on this post; probably because he is tired of being brow beat by a couple of parrots who claim that they just want a LWD barrel to THEIR specs. You draw a lot more flies with honey rather than vinegar; or however the old saying goes.
How many company CEO's even engage in threads of this sort? Or even publicly address the consumer; for that matter? I would count it as a major positive that a head of a company takes the time to interact socially with his customers and is willing to take the time to listen to viable concerns or suggestions. If you would just approach things in a more constructive manner; your "needs" might actually get addressed!

If that is not good enough and you HATE LWD barrels; fine! Buy a different barrel; but I highly doubt that you will be 100% satisfied, anymore than you are now...and will probably continue to have "issues" that you are upset over.

And for the OP; who claims that he was a LWD dealer for a period of time and then stopped dealing with us due to "customer" complaints...I would hardly claim ordering three barrels and a slide between 2008-2009; as being a "dealer"...but that is another thing all together and I'll leave it at that.

For anyone else that has a specific load that they would like their barrel tailored too; just give us a call! Yes it is a $30 charge; but this is only for the "shop time" it takes to make it so. Like what was mentioned previously; if you are a re-loader and want to make sure that your particular load will feed flawlessly and want to avoid any headaches, it's not a bad idea to just send in a handful of dummy rounds before you place your order and be done with it.

I am more than happy to help anyone with their order or answer any questions; just give me a call at the shop!
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