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I thought the Hickok45 video was a little off the track as well. I really expected to see him shoot lead in both barrels and was looking forward to the results.

However, he has said before that he is not going to shoot lead in Glock barrels and, sure enough, he didn't.

It would have been a more balanced demo if he had shot the same bullets in both barrels. I wouldn't care which he chose to shoot but whatever was selected should be shot in both barrels. So, dubious reloads don't work in the LWD barrel while factory loads work in a Glock barrel. So what does that prove?

I would be very interested to see someone measure the LWD and the Glock chambers and compare them with SAAMI.

The fact that SAAMI doesn't intend to accomodate lead bullets (0.001" larger diameter than FMJ) should give some indication that even if the chamber meets the spec EXACTLY, the lead bullets may not work (I haven't actually worked through the numbers). Then you get into the issue of on what basis can a barrel manufacturer decide to arbitrarily change away from a published and industry standard spec. Sure, Glock can do it; they're huge.

I wonder how some of these reloads would function in other guns. Maybe a Sig P220 or Sig 1911 in the case of .45 ACP. I KNOW that my reloads work.

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