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Originally Posted by Archer-one View Post
And also; these types of threads do not ever seem to accomplish what is "supposedly" the objective behind them. They only lead to a mob mentality; whipped to a frenzy by someone with an ulterior motive.
No that was not the intent. The intent was to inform.

If that is not good enough and you HATE LWD barrels; fine! Buy a different barrel; but I highly doubt that you will be 100% satisfied, anymore than you are now...and will probably continue to have "issues" that you are upset over.
As I stated previously, I never had an issue with my LWD .45 ACP G30 threaded barrel, nor my KKM .45 ACP G30 barrel, nor my KKM 45-10mm conversion barrel. I haven't had issues with either of the three personally owned barrels from two different manufacturers, your company's included.

And for the OP; who claims that he was a LWD dealer for a period of time and then stopped dealing with us due to "customer" complaints...I would hardly claim ordering three barrels and a slide between 2008-2009; as being a "dealer"...but that is another thing all together and I'll leave it at that.
I bought a few things directly from LWD, but soon found a distributor that had your barrels for cheaper than you offered dealer direct, so I went through them instead of LWD. I stopped ordering from LWD due to price. I stopped dealing LWD barrels due to customer complaints. "Ordering from" and "dealing in" are two completely different things.
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