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Originally Posted by Archer-one View Post
And also; these types of threads do not ever seem to accomplish what is "supposedly" the objective behind them. They only lead to a mob mentality; whipped to a frenzy by someone with an ulterior motive. JR has been quiet on this post; probably because he is tired of being brow beat by a couple of parrots who claim that they just want a LWD barrel to THEIR specs. You draw a lot more flies with honey rather than vinegar; or however the old saying goes.
How many company CEO's even engage in threads of this sort? Or even publicly address the consumer; for that matter? I would count it as a major positive that a head of a company takes the time to interact socially with his customers and is willing to take the time to listen to viable concerns or suggestions. If you would just approach things in a more constructive manner; your "needs" might actually get addressed!
We are merely suggesting the LWD philosophy for designing the barrel to minimum chamber specs DOES NOT meet the needs of the Glock Reloading Market. His insistence that "my stuff works with factory" highlights the point that he does not understand this portion of the aftermarket glock barrel market (reloaders). The fact that SAMMI does not have a LEAD standard proves that designing to MIN spec can easily cause problems even with well made ammo. Lead is .001" larger then FMJ. Most Glock guns are not designed around calibers with a LEAD spec from SAMMI. LW markets to lead shooters.

The standard groove and land rifling make this an excellent choice for those who wish to shoot lead, plated or jacketed bullets.

So the barrel is designed to SAMMI spec, but SAMMI doesn't have a lead spec for most the calibers. It's no wonder the barrels have issues.

I think the above are fair statements. They have not been addressed at all by you or JR.

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