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Sounds like you are an employee of Lone Wolf so your defense of their products is understandable.

I disagree with most of your recent posts. No big deal no HATE as you mentioned, but interesting that you would make that jump so quickly. Sounds a little or a lot defensive, but that's just my impression.

I think that the Hickock45 video does prove something. Needless to say that he has probably shot and reloaded more than most on this board. I have watched his videos and he does have a lot of experience with a lot of brands of pistols and revolvers. If he has struggles with your barrel and I think that it gets up to 5 shots out of 10 shot clip, with his background in reloading and also after being aware of the need to shorten his OAL, then it's not a far stretch to see how Joe Reloader would also struggle. I know that I don't shoot as many times nor as well as he does and probably not come close to reloading as much as his does. But that video of your barrel chocking on his reloads does say something to many of the regular reloaders that make up you client potential base. No HATE there just the fact.

These threads start out as informative or questioning or asking for someone else's experience with a product or a problem. They can get heated when the importer's response is "You can't reload worth a crap". Accompanied with a corporate statement of "The customer is always wrong". I guess many of us are not use to getting the treatment like the above.

I don't HATE Lone Wolf barrels, just disappointed in the marketing, warranty, customer service, and quality control of your barrels. Wait a second.......that's a long list, isn't it??? Just disappointment and not a returning customer. After the call to the customer service desk and the sweet response given to me, I did follow your advice and ordered two barrels from KKM which should be here soon. No issues to continue with the disappointment as they are a different company.

It's interesting that you would disclose the business activity of the OPwith your company in a public forum, even to try and discredit him. Not too high on confidentiality huh?

As Colorado4Wheel stated I just think that Lone Wolf is failing to meet the expectations of the Glock owners that come to your company for a replacement barrel when most of them are doing so to shoot lead reloads. This apparently is a difficult paradigm shift for your company so my guess is that you will always struggle in this area.

No HATE just wishing you the best in your business struggles.
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