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Guess what??? My barrels came in !!!!!!!!!

Remember how you gave me this advice?

"If that is not good enough and you HATE LWD barrels; fine! Buy a different barrel; but I highly doubt that you will be 100% satisfied, anymore than you are now...and will probably continue to have "issues" that you are upset over."

I followed your advice above and ordered those two KKM barrels, one for the Glock 27 and one for the Glock 30 and boy was that ever some good advice.

I just got back from being out in the desert here and ran a bunch of test reloaded ammo through both of them. The Glock 27 ran perfectly with no failure to feed or extracts with 3 different types of bullets in them, the same ones that I couldn't get to feed in the Lone Wolf barrel. Next up was the Glock 30 and it was humming away just great too as it handled 4 different bullet types. It even handled those hard to run H&G #68 mold 205 grain cast semiwadcutters. As you know, those rascals are hard to feed through the Glocks and some other shooters as well.

Wow all the issues with the failure to feeds in the Lone Wolf barrels are now history and boy am I pleased. I'm sure you know how annoying it is to shoot, clear, shoot, clear, shoot, clear for an afternoon.

Now just to clean them up and see if there is any leading in those two barrels. I wouldn't think so as I'm running those Lazer Cast silver bullets in them.

Thanks for tip and good shooting to you.
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