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Lone Wolf vs. KKM barrels

I loaded up some .40S&W 155g. Lazer Cast rounds this past weekend and then decided to do some comparison tests between these two barrels.

I used an RCBS 3 DIE Carb TC set and adjusted the sizing die down to touch the shell holder and then an additional 1/4 turn. When I tried to turn the die down 1/2 turn the handle would not "cam" over so I maxed out the sizing from those RCBS dies.

SAAMI specs for OAL for the .40S&W are from 1.085 min --1.135 max. I seated those bullets to 1.100 without putting a crimp on them.

I know that there are some heated feelings about Lee FCD but I ran them through that die to put a crimp of 1/2 turn after contacting the case and to also size the case again.

I then took the barrels and did a side by side comparison for a "thunk" test by loading around 25% of the rounds through both of them. All the rounds "thunk" in the KKM and about 90% of the 25% rounds used in the "thunk" test failed in the Lone Wolf barrels. They would feed down about 2/3 of the way and then hang up.

All the cases used had been shot in one of two Sig .40's.

I'm not aware of any additional changes that could be made with the equipment at hand to accommodate the Lone Wolf barrel other than sending it back for about a $40-45 total cost "adjustment" by the original importers at Lone Wolf.
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