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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
Palmetto State Armory has XM193 and XM855 both in stock right now. Prices are average... but available.
Wouldn't bring it up again if it wasn't dropped to a previous page now; but $298.50 per thousand over the counter, at least in my area. Federal American Eagle 55-grain FMJBT, at walmart. Have to pay sales tax, but not shipping.

They may not have a thousand on hand, but if someone buys the few hundred they do have, they'll order more to restock. If someone buys that, they'll order more to restock; etc.

American-made product, better price than available even online, and encouraging a retailer to stock it locally. Seems like a win/win all around imo.

I'll quit beating this particular dead horse now; just wanted to get it on this page.
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