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Am I the only one that finds freakshow10mm out of line? Do you really find his opening and continuing statements excusable?
1) LWD barrels are notorious for short throats. Here he implies all LWD barrels are at issue when the truth is, only the 40's are his intent. He clearly states in subsequent posts his 45 barrels NEVER had an issue.
2) LWD employs crappy machinists. Yah right, we are the most successful Glock parts company since 1998, fourteen yrs running.... did it all on crap and nobody caught us until now?
3) I was a LWD dealer. The truth of the matter is, you placed 3 orders (years ago) each totaling LESS than our average retail sale. Why would you purposely attempt to elevate your relationship with LWD?
4) Any statistics I offer are made up on the spot. Really? Yours are truth and mine are lies? Try pointing a finger at me.... notice three more on your OWN hand point directly back to you.
5) You have a dozen customers using LWD barrels that will not accept ANY manufacture ammo except your own. Really? If this is true, please provide the spec these billion dollar companies fail to comprehend. You profess to build it, now show it.
6) Most anybody can get a Federal License. The fact that you (maybe) possess a license does not make you an expert ammunition manufacture! You may have a similar license as Remington but that is the closest you will ever come, any other similarity stops right there. I also found MANY threads in other chat rooms indicating you are no longer in business and have plenty of former customer complaints to deal with. I sincerely sympathize with your situation however find it inexcusable you would perpetuate virtually the same thing here. I quote your closing line in one of said threads, "Every time I post an update or response to the threads in the subforum, a mob attacks. Why waste my time there?"

LWD offers a true match grade chamber. We have zero issues with factory ammunition or reloads similar to Remington, Federal, Winchester factory loads.
If you are a reloader and have concerns regarding your load you can send us 4 or 5 dummy rounds (before the purchase) and we will custom cut your chamber (if needed) to fit your load. Thats right, send your loads to us before you purchase a barrel and we will pre-check fit for you.The cost to custom fit your load to your barrel is $30. This is a BETTER solution than any other because your chamber will fit your load exactly. You will not have a chamber that is max cut to fit everybody else's load.

LWD voids warranty if you use reloads. What does this mean? LWD does not have any control over your reloading process. We cannot control the cartridge overall length, bullet diameter, powder charge or the hundreds of other factors that could cause a catastrophic failure. (basically reads: We have no way to control your ++P++ nuclear go faster multi-plex pet load so...) If you shoot reloads from your LWD barrel and you experience a KB (Ka-Boom) we will inspect your barrel for correct hardness. When the barrel is proved to meet the required hardness we will offer you a replacement barrel at a 50% discount.

Fact: Run your loads through a case gauge before shooting. Many reloaders currently use Dillon or Midway stainless case gauges however these manufactures are known to have liberal tolerances. If your Dillon or Midway case gauge works with the LWD chamber you are good to go. If not, we recommend you use the EGW case gauge. The EGW is known to run tighter tolerances. Once the reload is fired from the LWD barrel you should not have a feed problem again.

FYI: Storm Lake never turned a Glock barrel until LWD brought the project to them

Bluescot: Good idea (seriously). Combat Grade Chambers on request! We could offer the same loose tolerance chamber SL and KKM currently provide (and evidently these posters want) and offer this barrel at $99, or maybe for a limited time at $89.95!. It wouldn't meet our match grade specifications therefore must be cheaper to manufacture (right?) Wait a second, if that is true.... why do the other guys charge so much? Oh well, what they charge does not concern me. I simply do the absolute best to provide my customers with the lowest price possible.

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