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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Bluescot: Good idea (seriously). Combat Grade Chambers on request! We could offer the same loose tolerance chamber SL and KKM currently provide (and evidently these posters want) and offer this barrel at $99, or maybe for a limited time at $89.95!. It wouldn't meet our match grade specifications therefore must be cheaper to manufacture (right?) Wait a second, if that is true.... why do the other guys charge so much? Oh well, what they charge does not concern me. I simply do the absolute best to provide my customers with the lowest price possible.
That was actually my suggestion a while back. Your missing some of the point behind the suggestion. You keep mentioning factory specs but you don't seem to understand that lead in 9mm and 40 will never meet SAMMI spec. That is the point of the slightly larger chamber. KKM is not combat size. But it is big enough to work properly with lead.

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