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Originally Posted by JR View Post
LWD offers a true match grade chamber. We have zero issues with factory ammunition or reloads similar to Remington, Federal, Winchester factory loads.
If you are a reloader and have concerns regarding your load you can send us 4 or 5 dummy rounds (before the purchase) and we will custom cut your chamber (if needed) to fit your load. Thats right, send your loads to us before you purchase a barrel and we will pre-check fit for you.The cost to custom fit your load to your barrel is $30. This is a BETTER solution than any other because your chamber will fit your load exactly. You will not have a chamber that is max cut to fit everybody else's load.
Wish you would post this on your website for people to have advance notice beforehand. As I stated in my first post in this thread I had apprehensions before making my G34 barrel order based on my past experience with LWD barrels that I had owned before.

Originally Posted by JR View Post
Fact: Run your loads through a case gauge before shooting. Many reloaders currently use Dillon or Midway stainless case gauges however these manufactures are known to have liberal tolerances. If your Dillon or Midway case gauge works with the LWD chamber you are good to go. If not, we recommend you use the EGW case gauge. The EGW is known to run tighter tolerances. Once the reload is fired from the LWD barrel you should not have a feed problem again.
FACT: My Bear Creek 135g RN loads all fit the EGW case gauge at 1.150 OAL but not the LWD barrel most recently purchased (hits the rifling hard and the breach can't close) the throat restricts chambering UNTIL shortened to 1.130 OAL.
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