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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Posers? Really? You and the rest of these guys have absolutely no idea. LWD is the largest provider of Glock barrels period. We sell more than all the other guys combined (only exception Glock Inc). At the risk of having freakshow once again label my numbers as fabricated, thousands upon tens of thousands.
Granted, there are a few complaints. How many can you roust up here? 10, maybe 50. I will give you 100 if you like, still less than 1/10 of 1%. We do pretty good.....
I'll provide a link to another site...just in case you think it's only a GT dogpile...
that guys problem seems to be a chamber that's cut too deep.
I still have my G20 on layaway & haven't tried any of your barrels but after seeing many such posts as this on MANY different gun forums, I'm not gonna take a chance. Customer service goes a LONG way in gaining trust & repeat customers...ask Leupold.
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