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Sounds like we are actually getting closer to finding out about the limitations of the LWD barrels now, instead of before you buy. If I would have known the problems, limitations and lack of professionalism in the customer service department before hand I would have never spent $250 on two barrels.

Full disclosure up front would have been more informative but part of my problem is that I didn't do enough homework before the purchase, instead I just read their webpage and bought direct.

Also sounds like, at last, that the true dimensions of the LWD chambers are MINIMUM SAAMI with respect to diameter and length, except when the length is greater than maximum SAAMI as reported below. I could be wrong but just judging from the responses back from LWD to these negative posts seems to indicate a corporate philosophy not disclosed anywhere else.

Comes now LWD with a proposal/idea of reaming out their MINIMUM SAAMI chambers, whether real or not, in order to attract new buyers to their products. My guess is this decision was made due to the amount and tone of the negative comments posted on internet boards in addition to those posted here.

As a previous customer of LWD I would have no confidence and faith in purchasing any new products, of any type, from them until they corrected the barrels that I have previously purchase. Why buy more when what ya got ain't working?

Instead of being motivated to buy a "Combat" sized barrel from them I would want my former purchases to be corrected, then evaluate the results of those barrels when returned corrected, to see if any further purchases would be warranted. My idea would be, if I were LWD, to satisfy the disappointed customers I had before I offer them to purchase anything additional from me. I would be aware that the negative comments that those disappointed customers are sharing about my barrels and caustic customer service would be harming my future sales with a greater amount of lost dollars in sales, then it would take in my time to remedy the dissatisfied customers.

But that's just the way I would do business; as so would Ford, Honda, Toyota, GE, Albertson's, Winco, Dilliards and other retailers

My reloads work in two Sigs, two Rugers, four Springfield XDMs, two Colts, and one Paraordinance. I don't think that their chambers are out of spec. I bought LWD barrels, simply because I had a lot of cast lead bullets, that I wanted to shoot out of two newly acquired Glocks, a 27 and a 30.

Wow what a mess with my experience with LWD and what a complete opposite experience with KKM. Love those barrels and if any anything the KKM is a whisper more accurate, for me, than the LWD barrels where.

Before I buy anything from LWD, fix what I already have. Simple
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