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I carried my 4" S&W Model 58 .41 Magnum on and off the clock during most of the period from 1985-1990. The only revolver I have actually fired in defense of myself and others was a 4" GP100, as I decided .357 Magnum was plenty enough for human adversaries by the 1990s, and N-frames are really too big for my hands if shooting DA.

I recently acquired a Ruger SRH Alaskan, and installed an original-style GP100 factory
grip. I have yet to carry it, as I am still deciding upon a holster maker, plus trying to recover from a budget situation. There is no hurry, as I do not walk among grizzly,
brown, or polar bears. I doubt I will shoot Casull ammo; most likely .45 Colt, unless I take a trip to Alaska.

No pics; I am still mostly an analog dinosaur.
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