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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Fact: Run your loads through a case gauge before shooting. Many reloaders currently use Dillon or Midway stainless case gauges however these manufactures are known to have liberal tolerances. If your Dillon or Midway case gauge works with the LWD chamber you are good to go. If not, we recommend you use the EGW case gauge. The EGW is known to run tighter tolerances.
I've never used an EGW gauge, but I can't agree that Dillon's gauges are liberal. My first Dillon .45acp gauge didn't work on any of my first reloads, and then when I checked factory (CCI) ammo with it, those wouldn't go all the way in either. I sent it back to Dillon, and they sent me another that's very nearly as tight as the first. Lots of my .45 reloads don't quite fit the gauge, but drop right into my Glock barrels (with enough to spare that you can shake/wiggle them around in the chamber).

I really don't understand Freak's issue with supposedly short throats. If the lead is hitting the rifling, you need to run a shorter OAL. WTH is so complicated about that?
what guns?
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