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Maybe I can get some help here as others have. I wanted to have more practice, on the cheap, for my glock 22 and figured I should start reloading lead, thus I bought a LWD .40 S&W barrel. I began reloading at 1.125 (Plus or minus as I am using mixed brass) same as my FMJ ammo I used in my standard Glock barrel. Attached is a picture of the lead I am using. I am constantly getting rounds that will not go plunk or even fit in the chamber more than halfway. I know that with lead you get a little more variation so I sent in my barrel to LWD to have it reamed and it was sent back with a note saying either A) Add more crimp or B) ammunition is to large. They would not bore it out. So I now have a barrel that I simply cannot use. I am not about to plunk test each and every round I want to fire. What would you guys , with experience, think is the best option? All reloads obviously work perfectly in the glock standard barrel but the tighter chamber in the LWD barrel is killing me.


Should I seat longer/shorter? I have tried another lead provider with same issues coming up. Just lost as to what to do.

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