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Some one needs to explain to me what a get home bag is for? I mean how far do you people work from home or are you getting away from home? When I was working,( I am retired now) I was never more than 2 hours from home. The only thing I carried in the car was water, gun, shells, lunch box with some first aid stuff and tools. When I worked out of town I took a 22' travel trailer with us, (most of the time took the wife along). I had every thing in it. Guns, tools, reloading stuff. food for at least 3months , fishing stuff and more stuff than I can think about now. If some thing went wrong when we were away from home we had our home with us. So getting back home would have been the goal but it would not have been a must.

I have a pack that I use for hunting it is full of stuff that could be called survival stuff. Same could be said for our camping packs. Now days the only time we are away from home is when we go to town to get stuff or visit one of the kids. Then there is the road trips that take in our new trailer to see some of this great country. It is a 32' and has our hunting, fishing gear and more stuff in it than I care to think about moving. It took us two days to unload the 22' when we traded it in on the 32'. Now the 32' has all the stuff from the 22' plus other stuff we have added to make life better when we do a road trip.

If for some reason we had to bug out of our house in the country and had an hour notice we would take the trailer. If we only had half an hour we would put the dogs, camping and hunting stuff in the truck and take off. That is what we did when the last storm came through here. We put the dogs and camping gear in the truck and headed away from the storm. We didn't have to use any thing out of the packs because we were back home in four hours. The house was fine and so was the trailer. Thirty miles down the road, that town got blown away, I think it was 17 killed. Very bad.

We have food stocked, water purifiers, guns, reloading stuff, generator and stuff to repair about every thing we have(small repairs). Every year we put out a garden. All of this stuff is just part of living in the country. If you don't have it you will be in trouble sooner or later.

If you live in the city I can under stand a BOB if for no other reason than to just get out of the city. In a S.H.F. event in the big cities I will pray for all of you. You are going to need gods help to get by. Things in the city are bad enough in good times. I can't think of how bad it will be in really hard times. History tells us that if is going to be very bad. Good luck to all and have a great day.
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